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I love lavender

You can only love lavender

levi 1

I have 100 of bushes of this beautiful flower in my garden and I love lavender. When we are collecting them with my husband together, that is the most beautiful day of the year. Sun is shining brightly, bees are singing around, and you can smell the violet whist in the  air.

Lavender is the loveliest flower in the world.

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3 ideas for covering your notebooks

Inspiration for covering your notebooks

textile covers

School begins, children are excited and parents spend long evenings with preparing books and notebooks to save them from damage and make them stand out from the other notebooks.

Here I’ll show you some tricks for covering your notebooks. It’ll be fun to create together with your children.

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Masni Mesi’s big five

Masni Mesi’s big five topics for the blog section!

Masni Mesi’s big five topics are workshops, children interior, lavender, design and inspiration. So in the future posts you can read about my toughts, ideas and tricks that I use while I work.

All my days are like a flowering bouquet. Every leaf hides a new challange that has to be solved with creativity. These small fights make my world a better place to live and creativity is my secret ingredient.

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Masni Mesi’s first post


my name is Masni Mesi and I come from a small country in the middle of europe. I am a very creative little spirit and I have lots of ideas. That is why I opened my store some years ago to sweeten my friends days and help them create a home for themselves. But it is time to show you the tricks.

This blog will serve as a channel to you so I can show all the things that interest me.

It is mainly inspirational projects, drawings, pillows and everything that is soft or smelly. I hope you will enjoy our journey.

Masni Mesi

my table