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My pillow collection in 2016

I’m very proud of my daughter and my husband, who helped me to make this catalogue. I enjoyed it very much, hopefully you are interested in too. Check out the catalogue online


If you send me a photo about you or about your children, how they or you enjoy my Masnimesi product I’ll send you a lavender bag by post!

Ha küldesz nekem egy fotót magadról, vagy gyerekedről, amint valamilyen Masnimesi termékkel pózol, akkor levendulás batyut küldök ajándékba!

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Advent wreath brainstorming

Many good ideas about advent wreath

I show you some picked photos how to make extraordinary advent wreath:

Visit me this weekend and take part on an advent wreath making hour 🙂


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Children interior design

Children interior design for three children at the same place

Not far away I designed three children rooms. They all were in the same house, each place and room partition the same. Anyhow it was very interesting job. Each room has a gallery and so they have emotional good feeling in them. The job with the rooms and with the children, they lived in, was exciting and variety.




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Owls everywhere

Lavender filled owls everywhere

I have a dougther (10y) and she is a big fan of Harry Potter so obviously the ultimate animal she wants to own is an owl. “Unfortunately” we have a cat so it is not possible, but one day she came up to me with a plan her own design line of owls. If it is not possible to own a real bird lets go for the next best thing “your imagination”. I have made some adjustments to her drawing to create the pattern, but  all the credits go for her. See some of our creations below, or my owls in the shop.

minibagik 2

Owl design by a 10 years old.

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Early christmas ideas in red

It’s time to start with christmas present – some early christmas ideas from Masni Mesi in red


Halloween weekend is over, it’s time to start to make the christmas presents for our family and decorations for home.

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Autumn in the kitchen – aprons and potholders

Autumn feeling in the kitchen gives warm atmosphere in your daily routine

virágos kislány skót faluval

Every autumn morning in the kitchen begins with darkness. It helps if you use bright, sunny colors on accessoires, like aprons and potholders, or tablecovers…. Here are some interesting ideas how to make funny autumn decorations for your kitchen and dining room. You can use pumpkins, leaves, owls, or even a fox to decorate with autumn acessoires.  If you have made your own creation I am always happy to see some new ideas.

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Autumn candles – ideas and creations

Get inspiration for your autumn candles

Autumn is landing slowly, cool mornings, darkening evenings. It’s good to sit around in a cosy, warm room near a candle light. And if you make this candle yourself… Here are some interesting ideas how to make simple autumn candles for your living room. You can use apples, nuts, corns, ahorns, marrones to decorate your autumn eveninglight. Check out my moodboard and our creations in the magic workshop. If you have made your own creation I am always happy to see some new ideas.  Continue reading Autumn candles – ideas and creations

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Autumn colors and scarfs

Warm autumn colors and scarfs

As an enteriour designer colors play a big role in my work and to find inspiration I like to paint. Because during a long workday there is nothing more relaxing than forgetting about everything around you and just paint your emotions out. Most of the time these color combinations show up in my designs too. There is something spiritual about the floating colors on your canvas and the autumn colors in these cold days.


Let me show you some color tricks I have learned as a designer.

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Pumpkin bag tutorial

Autumn collecting season, pupmkin bag tutorial

Here is a pumpkin bag tutorial for you so if you and your children decide to visit the autumn forest to collect some nuts and leaves you can also bring your pumpkin bag to have place for all the goods. 

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