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Advent wreath brainstorming

Many good ideas about advent wreath

I show you some picked photos how to make extraordinary advent wreath:

Visit me this weekend and take part on an advent wreath making hour 🙂


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Autumn candles – ideas and creations

Get inspiration for your autumn candles

Autumn is landing slowly, cool mornings, darkening evenings. It’s good to sit around in a cosy, warm room near a candle light. And if you make this candle yourself… Here are some interesting ideas how to make simple autumn candles for your living room. You can use apples, nuts, corns, ahorns, marrones to decorate your autumn eveninglight. Check out my moodboard and our creations in the magic workshop. If you have made your own creation I am always happy to see some new ideas.  Continue reading Autumn candles – ideas and creations